Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two candles

Here is simple one, you have two candles of different length. You light both of them and cover them with glass cover of some sort (doesn't really matter what the cover is). Which one will die out first, tall candle or short one? It's easy to just do this experiment and and see it on practice, however thinking about what will happen is interesting and can lead astray.
Let us know what you think!
Note: Comments may have spoilers! Come up with solution on your own before reading them.


Stephen Morris said...

The long one will die first because there is slightly more oxygen in to start with.

Vrungel said...

Yes, the long one will indeed die first :) (which is easily proved by experiment).

Anonymous said...

The long one dies first because an oxygen molecule is heavier then carbon minoxide, Therefor their is oxygen lower in the glass for longer. Remember smoke rises, stay to the ground where the oxygen is.